Parakalo, Greece!

To thank the Agency for it’s part in helping eliminate one of Greece’s most deadly terrorist sleeper cells, their¬†ambassador gave us the 14 goats that were vital for making this mission a success. So now we have 14 goats. That only respond to orders in Greek.

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2 Responses to Parakalo, Greece!

  1. Agent Husband gave me two children that don’t respond to orders in any language. They were vital to the success of mission drive-Agent-Angeline-to-the-bottle. By the way, did the Agency happen to send you home with any Ouzo?

  2. admin says:

    Angeline, darling! I thought I’d never hear from you after you left to reproduce. What a delight.

    I think I can help. The CIA (Cultural Integration for Animals) division is now accepting children amongst its pupils. So many baby-boomers in the agency these days, plus they think admitting children might calm the animals a little. I’ll speak to its head, Helmut, as soon as I’m back from Sri Lanka. You hang in there.


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