The Adventures Of Vulva Fervor begin here…

This is Vulva's stupid sister Viva.

This is Vulva’s stupid sister Viva.

This is Vulva Fervor.

This is Vulva Fervor.

Meet Vulva Fervor: A glamorous, elite, international peacekeeping agent whose powers of persuasion are far more deadly than any show of force.

The only problem? Her jet-setting, airhead, coke-addled “stupid sister Viva”, whose constant presence threatens to derail Vulva’s every mission. But ultimately, nothing can stop Vulva, once she gets her target in sight.

One part Lara Croft, one part Inspector Clouseau, 100% fabulous, “The Adventures of Vulva Fervor” will keep you coming back for more…. and more and…

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