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Whatever Facebook wants…

After some strident negotiations, Social Media Goliath Facebook has allowed me to return to their site, under one condition: I’m now represented on a page, rather than a profile. I said “Honestly, darling, what’s the difference?” But you know how … Continue reading

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Ask Vulva: My New Beauty and Wellness Column!

During some recent required “down time”, I got a chance to catch up on my fan mail and was overwhelmed by the number of requests for tips on how to maintain a health/beauty/fitness/wellness regime on an impossibly busy schedule. All … Continue reading

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My Best-Kept Beauty Secret: A little R&R!

I’ve given up trying to keep track of how often I hear, “Vulva, you’re always so upbeat and energetic. What keeps you going?” It’s no big surprise: Happiness. But of course, one cannot will genuine happiness. It must come from … Continue reading

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