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Debriefing On Spy Spa Retreat; or Why I Stopped Socializing With Colleagues

I really need to make friends outside of my Elite Special Agent / International Spy Circles. It’s far too small a world, and It’s becoming quite a bore, as a recent annual conclave at the Spy Spa Retreat proved. Why … Continue reading

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Mole alert! Abort joint mission between ARDOR and MRS!

What started with good vibrations has ended in pure frustration. A clandestine meeting between yours truly the head of the MRS has raised alarms, since apparently news of our collaboration was leaked. Details of the mission (and subsequent breach) cannot … Continue reading

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Operation: Litcrawl (a/k/a “Litquake”) or let’s get “Dirty In The Alley”, darling!

Location: Clarion Alley, to be exact (October 17, 2009, 18:00 PST) for Operation: Litcrawl, as part of Litquake. Members of the Mrs Robinson’s Society will be on hand to provide impossibly stylish security detail (and secure the perimeter so there … Continue reading

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