Monthly Archives: March 2009

High Alert…

Imagine my relief when I found RANCOR agent known as “The Beagle” alive — though just barely. He’s called The Beagle because of his extraordinary sense of smell. Back when were just starting out (in Paris), both taking a course … Continue reading

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Meet my stupid sister Viva.

Imagine my delight when our weapons department came up with its latest stroke of genius: a mirror that wipes out short term memory! They asked me to take it home for a few days “live with it, test it out.” … Continue reading

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An almost perfect spring day in Paris

I spent the weekend in Paris, sort-of a working holiday. A chance to catch up with my dear darling friend Yves (he is so much fun to shop with!), as well as test a new gadget from our weapons department: … Continue reading

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