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Now Hiring: Bodyguard

I’ve going to be on assignment in the middle east in a few short weeks, and the brains at ARDOR have decided that due to current unrest there, I will need a bodyguard. Can you believe that? A bodyguard! But… … Continue reading

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Welcome, darling. Come inside.

Meet Vulva Fervor: a glamorous peacekeeping agent whose powers of persuasion are far more deadly than any show of force. She is about to face her greatest challenge yet: suppressing the urge to gag her jet-setting, air-headed, loose-lipped ‚Äústupid sister … Continue reading

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Technology Breakthrough: THE INVIGORATION RAY

Introducing the latest from ARDOR’s technology department: THE INVIGORATION RAY! It’s a “thermostat” that lets you reset your body’s age on a molecular level. In addition to the obvious breakthrough in disease prevention and cure that this is, don’t think … Continue reading

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