Stuck in Stockholm

At a time when so many people are unemployed, I should not be complaining about my workload. I’m fortunate to have a lucrative, exciting career that allows me to travel the world and meet the most intriguing people  and attend the most spectacular international events where I am required to wear stunning designer couture; and to have an “employer” that pays all my expenses, since I need homes throughout the world in order to function efficiently.

But I’m tired. I was hoping 2009 would be a calm year so I could focus on my hobbies. I’ve registered for a class in Cessna restoration and am scheduled to get my underwater demolition instructor license (I try to give back to the community where I can). But all that will have to wait.

Sweden has begged our help in decoding some strange cyber activity. So yours truly was sent to their aid, as I blend very well among the Scandinavians. Now it’s covert training time 24/7, under night’s endless cover. They call it the land of the midnight sun. I call it the land of the midday moon. No wonder they’re so humorless. But the Swedes do know how to unwind after a full day. They live for their outdoor hot tubs, massage, and vodka. So I remain focused; eye on the prize, eye on the prize.

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