My Best-Kept Beauty Secret: A little R&R!

Riding like a willies (as the SEAL's say) on my ATV Quad.

Riding like a willies (as the SEAL's say) on my ATV Quad.

I’ve given up trying to keep track of how often I hear, “Vulva, you’re always so upbeat and energetic. What keeps you going?”

It’s no big surprise: Happiness. But of course, one cannot will genuine happiness. It must come from the inside. And nothing makes me happier than time with old friends.

When I saw a break in my impossibly busy schedule, I decided to pack up the the ATV and head to the desert to feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face (fear not — our weapons department has invented a sunscreen that is SPF 99, exfoliates, and erases fine lines (patent pending).

Cheeky doesn't even begin to describe her!!

Cheeky doesn't even begin to describe her!

The fun in the sun would have enough to recharge my batteries. But fate had an unexpected surprise in store for me… I ran into my fellow ARDOR rookie of the year (we tied!), Carlotta de Blanc! She ended up leaving the agency pretty early on. Carla is very enterprising and she saw a business opportunity she couldn’t pass up (she also found a place — Nye County, NV —  where her specialty is legal). Carlotta really wasn’t fond of all the travel that being an agent demands. She’s a “collector”, if you will. So things worked out well for her. She still gets to meet exciting people from all over the world; difference is they come to her now. Little known fact: she made The Bourne Boob cry when they were partnered up once! They had a hit together, and let’s just say that  —  in front of the targets, yet — Bourne didn’t quite give her the respect she deserved in pulling off the job singlehandedly (because HE was hungover and had to run to the bathroom at the last minute). Even the targets were on her side! Anyhow, he never made that mistake again, and it was then and there that she christened him Boob. But I digress…

So you can imagine my surprise when I stoped into a local watering hole for my post-Quad constitutional — and there on the bar was Carlotta! She hasn’t changed a bit. So she gave me a tour of her new “house” and after she got the evenings clients sorted out, we relaxed by trying out some her newly-acquired vintage WWII gun collection in a nearby mountain range under the desert’s full moon.

Now you know how I stay upbeat and energized: Work hard, play hard. I have fun, full life! And as you can see, lovely friends.

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