A Better Complexion Via Martinis

I can’t tell you how many times people stop me to say “Vulva, you always look so radiant. How do you do it?”

While a rigorous physical regime helps keep my skin aglow, sometimes even I need a little extra help. Here’s a tip that works for me, and it fits seamlessly in my on-the-go lifestyle:

Next time you find yourself out on the town and realize your skin looks a little tired, order a vodka martini, up, with a twist. The twist is key. The alcohol in the vodka will tighten and refresh pores, the chill from the ice will invigorate, bringing blood to the surface and give a healthy glow, the the acid in the twist acts as a sort-of “fruit peel”, getting rid of dry dead surface cells to reveal fresh skin beneath the surface.

But mystery is of the element. Do not perform the Martini¬†Quik-Lift publicly. Discreetly excuse yourself to the Ladies Lounge — you might want to pack your own cotton pads (cotton balls are too messy). Dip into the martini, blot, ¬†and gently sweep over the visage when there are no witnesses present.

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