Stretching: The Truth.


If only I had a Euro for every time I heard “Vulva, you put so many demands on your body in your line of work. How do you find balance and relief?”

It’s no mystery. The key is developing a stretching series that is right for you. I do not have time to take a class, or even do even one conventional exercise, for that matter. So I must incorporate stretching into my everyday routine. And as always, creativity is the key. Follow me, I show you.

Side Stretch: When dressing and donning my accoutrement each day, I make sure to position myself in such a way that each action requires a deep, perfectly-aligned stretch.

For example: Standing with my vanity just to my right, I raise my arms and elongate my torso. Then I lean and reach to the right (hips out to the left and parallel to the wall facing you). I lean until I am able to reach my Beretta 418. Return to where you started — alway remember, you want to elongate. Arms down, turn 180 degrees and repeat on the other side, reaching for my Walther PPK.

Go. Now you try it.

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