They said it couldn’t be done: Peace in the Middle East!

Ephraim & Kirimeh: friends at last!

Ephraim & Kirimeh: friends at last!

Of course it couldn’t be done — until yours truly took a swing at it and brokered peace as only I can. I normally do not bring work home with me, but this was so important, I had to take a very personal, hands-on approach. I invited Israel’s ambassador Ephraim Hirsch and Palestine’s ambassador Kirimeh ha-Kalir both into my home for a light Sunday Brunch.

There were no weapons drawn.

There were no voices raised — only glasses, to toast a new friendship.

Preparing surprise for Ephraim: Skype call from his college roommate!.

Surprise for Ephraim: about to play his nephew's (an Israeli hip hop star) CD!

In fact, by the end of the evening both Palestine and Israel were so cordial, each refused to take the last acre of the gaza strip! It reminded me of my mentors at finishing school at the graduation ceremony: no one would take the last slice of cake. “You take it.” “No you take it.” “No I insist.” “I’ll be insulted if you don’t take it.” By the time we finally found a coin to toss, the cake had melted (ice cream cake). But I digress…

Surprise! Kirimeh's here!

Guess who's coming to dinner?

At first Ephraim was furious. “Vulva, how dare you pull this on me!” He can be so dramatic. But once he met Kirimeh face-to-face (and she impressed him with her gin rummy skills); well, who wouldn’t be charmed? She’s lovely. And she really flipped for his sense of humor!

So they ended up arm wrestling for it and Ephraim won — I’m still not sure Kirimeh didn’t let him. But it doesn’t matter. They both left smiling, and even shared a cab!

Sometimes the rewards of my job exceed the glamour, the money, the fashion, the danger, the adventure, the intrigue, and the weaponry. Which, by the way, I’m cutting back on. I find I sleep better and just feel better all around when I find creative alternatives to traditional weapons. Like today! I look forward to the next impossibly challenging assignment…

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